accidentally put seasoned pinto beans in my ear instead of my airpods oops

About 50 of you replied to my last newsletter to get invited to Zip’s monthly update. Thanks for that :). You all have some funny favorite words that made me chuckle.

“ok” from someone named “mywritingis bad” killed me I couldn’t stop laughing ahaha.


Been feeling pretty down. Idk why. Sometimes it be that way. Remote work is hurting me for sure. Not having an HQ I can just go to, call home, and make my own sucks. I guess I just need to deal with it for the next 4-6 months as what will happen w/ COVID becomes clearer.

Just been trying to keep up the excitement best I can with music, books, and Naruto. If my energy levels dip, it will literally show in Zip’s metrics so - can’t really let that happen. Being a founder is really just a test of managing emotions after all.

Also - really can’t afford to let my emotions take a hit when this is really Zip’s time to shine :)!

I’m going to try and carve out more time for harder workouts daily. That should help. I used to run like 5-10 miles a day. I haven’t been doing much lately like that.


Here’s a slide from a presentation I saw the other week. I’ve been following it a bunch and its been super helpful. I do it like 1-2 times a day.

Anyways. Chat later. Hopefully I’ll feel less shit next week once I try some new things.

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