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Zip is going well. WAUS grew by 20%. Whats really exciting is we finally passed 1000 W2 users! These are users who used Zip for more than one week.

I told some people this # and most just laughed and compared me to Facebook’s 2 billion users. Even Facebook had ~1000 actives at one point :).

Also, we peaked at 650 concurrents last week!!


That’s wild.

W2 retention is just getting better and better with every cohort. Our W1 -> W2 retention for the last cohort was 67% which is way up from ~55%. Just making the product better and more stable does wonders. W2 -> W3 retention #’s are ~52%. And, I don’t do anything special to retain people. I literally send one email + one text a week telling people to check out new classes.

Also, improving the actual teacher sessions and giving the teacher’s detailed feedback has been massive for retention and user happiness. I basically write teachers an essay after each class. Some teachers can’t take the heat from me, get pissed, and quit. But, the ones that have stayed on have grown so much and it’s been awesome to see.

Also, randomly sent the email below last night.

I expected maybe 1-2 people to pay me. $40 a month is pretty high after all and the product is super early, janky, etc. Within 10 minutes we were at $400 MRR. I mainly sent this email so people would send in questions so that when I did decide to “officially” start charging everyone, I’d know how to word everything and clearly nail any concerns users had before paying.

Buuuuuuut now I got like ~$1.3K in MRR and it’s going up every hour LOL. Nice. Check out my payment portal I made it in 30 seconds.

I launched Zip Live 31 days ago and we had 0 users. Now we got like ~2K WAUs, some revenue, and a ton of momentum.

Just gotta make sure we don’t stop.


We’re hiring full-timers! Looking for engineers (web/mobile) and an operations person who can help me find awesome teachers, run sessions, and essentially drive the quality of our sessions up every week. If interested, just reply to this with a quick one liner on something you worked on that you’re super proud of.


Read an awesome book this week titled “The Long Fix” by Vivian Lee. The book is super solid, I rate it a 9/10 and highly recommend it. If you know very little about how US healthcare system works, why it’s awesome, why it sucks, and how to make it better - this is the book for you :).

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