call me wall-e cus im cleaning up the garbage

Hey lads, Farza here. Really happy to be here in your inbox today.

A New Idea and Perhaps an Investment Opportunity.

I’m working on something new. I’m just calling it Zip right now.

I have spent 3 days on random homeschool groups on Facebook just reading and reading and reading. Homeschooling is something I’ve been researching for years now. I love the idea and hated public school myself.

But, being part of these FB groups and seeing the problems parents face daily has been insane.

I’ve learned a lot.

The world of homeschooling is currently held up by Facebook groups, a clusterfuck of random curriculum, and local associations run by parents.

So, I’ve built a solution. Well. A landing page.

I’ve been talking with potential users showing them the landing page. I’m going to keep it pretty lowkey for now until I learn more, but basically: homeschooling does not have a software backbone to handle things like registration, keeping up to date with new laws, yearly evaluations, record keeping, transcripts, and more. I beleive I can build that and lead the revolution that helps to decentralize schools.

I want to be the software everyone uses to start and run their homeschool. I want to be the thing everyone needs.

Let me show you just 4 posts from today from a single group:

If this seems interesting to you and you have money, let me know. I am open to taking money.

A lot of people on my email list are pretty well off and some are loaded. I’d love to put together $20K from people I like to get this going. That’ll give me 6 months runway. If in 6 months shit is working, hell yeah. We’ll keep going. If not, well, $20K isn’t that much at the end of the day.

I have money right now, but getting some outside capital would let me worry less about paying rent + paying for food and worry more about building this thing.

I don’t want to call it “investing”, but at the end of the day that is what it is.

If you want to give me some money in exchange for equity, I’m down.

Just reply to this email :).

The homeschool revolution is coming and I’m going to place myself at the center of it.

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SF Move

I’m all moved into SF. Peep the setup.

I’m trying to keep everything pretty low budget. But, I think I’m definitely going to buy a better chair because this $8 metal chair from Target is fucking my back.

I got a nice place right next to the University of San Francisco which is dope because I get to go to random classes for fun to learn more.

I do plan on sitting in on some courses in Fall 2020 like Philosophy classes and some of the classes where they teach you Chinese. USF publicly lists when all their classes are happening. I used to attend a bunch of lectures at Stanford as well like this. I may also go to UC Berkley. One of the reasons I’m most excited to be in SF is I get to have access to some of the best universities in the world.

Also, this area I’m in is just really quiet and clean. No crazy homeless people. No poop on the streets. Just peaceful. Also, I’m right next to Golden Gate Park where I’ve been going on runs and its been great. I’ve lived in the real shit areas in SF before so this is a nice change :).


I can talk for hours but my road trip from Seattle to SF. It was amazing. Thank you to Alec for making it happen. You are and forever will be one of my best friends. Very impressive how you dealt with me for three days. LOL.

And thank you to his Tesla for self-driving us like 50% of the time :).

Also, while I was driving we hit a deer. Luckily, Autopilot was off and I was able to react in time. But, I wonder what would have happened if Autopilot stayed on. Would it have swerved and went ssskKKKKRRRTTTT? Would it have stopped? I wonder… 🤔🤔.


A couple people have been asking about my vlogs where I talk to myself. Yes. I still do them. A lot. Here is a snippet of one from a few days ago:


Finished up Creativity Inc. 9/10 book.

It’s all about Pixar and how Pixar has created a culture that nurtures creativity and allows fantastic new ideas to be born.

It has helped me a ton think about how I myself think about creativity. Pixar never wants to never get stale. I also never want to get stale. The methods Pixar used to make sure their organization stays on the cutting edge of their creative spirit can be applied to individuals like me and you as well as actual companies.

There are like 70 quotes in this book that resonated with me, but this one is up there:

“Failure isn’t a necessary evil. In fact, it isn’t evil at all. It is a necessary consequence of doing something new”.

The guy who co-founded Pixar is saying in order for something new and revolutionary to be produced, you have to be ready to fuck up. In fact, you have to chase the fuck up. Don’t live life trying to avoid failure.

You have to be ready to get smacked in the face. Sometimes it’ll end with your friends and family calling you an embarrassment or talking shit about you. Sometimes it’ll end with you creating one of the most valuable animation studios in the world.

You gotta take the chance :)