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Private Newsletter

Won’t be writing about Zip in detail once a week anymore on here.

Instead, I’ll be doing it once a month on a private newsletter. If you want to get in, just reply to email with your favorite word and I’ll invite you.

If you’re here just for Zip, unsubscribe :).

I’ll be continuing this newsletter to chronicle my dumb adventures on a weekly basis but it’ll just be much less focused on my company!


Been pretty excited lately.

I’ve been on a healthy diet of good books, Naruto, and user interviews.

Pretty good combo, overall.

Also, been going Sage Mode (or rather, attempting to) every day as well which has been good. Just 70 minutes every day where I close my eyes, sit somewhere quiet, and do nothing. The noise in my head has been massively reduced. Everything is getting clearer when it comes to Zip and life in general.


Had about 35 user interviews in the last 7 days. Usually, when I’m not sure what to do I just talk to my users. And, it always works.

Users seems to love the current version of Zip and praised us heavily. But, that doesn’t really matter. What became clear is there is so much more we need to do to make this a legit product that lasts past the pandemic.

But, I have a really good idea of what users want :). Even though I’ve only been working on this version of Zip for 2 months. I’ve been working with these types of users for nearly 9 months now! I’ve pivoted a bunch but the user demographic has barely changed which means many learnings transfer over between pivots.

Song Of The Year So Far

In love with this track by Danger Incorporated off their new album Hackers of The World Unite. 100% the song of the year for me thus far.

Alrighty, back to fixing education :). Here’s a picture from a user of her 4 kids taking a Zip class.