this is a wack weekly update


I don’t have much of an update this week. I’m in South Florida and had to help da parents move in to a new house and been mostly just hanging out in the process annoying the handymen working at the new place trying to figure out what sort of software they use lmao. Note: They use none. None for payments, customer service, leads, payments, referrals, nothing. They all just use HomeAdvisor and WhatsApp.

Also, wtf, I just found out about automatic lawnmowers. Honda makes them for around $1,500. Buy one. Charge people $15 a month to cut their grass twice a month. Most pay around $60 a month to have their grass cut by a human (at least in my city here in South Florida).

In other news, I’ve been hitting dealing with some massive creative block lately. Legit feels like my brain has hit a wall. It’s like I’ve been going at 100MPH for the last 4 years and now I’m at 0MPH. I’ve been messing around with a bunch of strategies to get the gears turning again but my god it’s been rough.

I’m going to visiting some cool businesses this week: a criminal law office, an aviation maintenance company, and an orange farm (hopefully). I think talking to other smart people who run successful businesses has always gotten my brain moving.

Sorry for the wack update. Next week shall be better :)